AnyReader 3.10 Build 1034 Datecode 01.05.2012 Portable

Posted: Mei 2, 2012 in Freware, Portable, Software

AnyReader – copy data from scratched CDs CD / DVD, network unreliable LAN (Wi-Fi), damaged flash disks and floppy disks. The program is designed AnyReader to copy data from any plohochitaemyh or damaged media. AnyReader quickly and easily read data from CD / DVD drives, LAN and Wireless LAN, flash memory cards, ZIP disks and other media accessible as a drive letter in MS Windows. AnyReader uniqueness of the program is the ability to continue reading / copying of information arising after the read errors or loss of compounds in different types of networks (especially important for networks of Wi-Fi).

Important! Using AnyReader is safe and does not harm your data. The original files will remain untouched, AnyReader save new copies of files in a location that you specify.

• Reading files from disks with physical damage
• The ability to copy files from disks with scratches, bad sectors or errors
• Reading data as much as possible
• Reading data from untrusted networks
• Support for exceeding limits on the size of the file system
• Easy to use and intuitive interface in a format step by step wizard

In what cases can help AnyReader?
• Do you have a scratch on the disc, or it is partially damaged, but you really need the information recorded on it;
• Your Wi-Fi and other LAN-connection is constantly interrupted for reasons beyond your reasons, and you can not because of this

download the file within the network;
• Standard Methods for copying Windows does not do the job, and terminate the copy process.
• You have two non-working copies of the file that you want to join and get a working copy.
• As well as in many other cases …

Dowload Software : Letitbit Net
Referer : D4LL

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