Baku 4.2.4025: Searches the system registry errors and unneeded files that can be removed without proble

Posted: Januari 11, 2011 in Freware, Software

Baku 4.2.4025 is a small, free programos to remove unnecessary and temporary data from the disk, empty folders, and other junk dealing place on our hard drive. Via Baku 4.2.4025, we can also detect and remove erroneous and unnecessary registry entries, clear the web history and documents, cookies, Windows logs, temporary internet files and others.

Baku 4.2.4025 is a free program that searches the system registry errors and unneeded files that can be removed without problem. Among its most notable features include the following:

– Delete empty folders and folder contents of history, recently used documents, temporary, temporary internet, or cookies.
– Search report files (logs) for Windows, shortcuts to missing documents, and file types specified by the user.
– The log scanning can eliminate obsolete or unused entries. Among these, including ActiveX / COM, application paths, help files, icons, fonts, sound files, installers and uninstallers, etc.
– Employs a heuristic based on the tracking (and cleaning if necessary) of the lists of recently used files from any application.
– The log is automatically saved (backup) before making any changes.
– Restore and backup stores all device drivers.

Size: 1.07 MB
Download : Visit Website
Release Date: 2011-1-10
OS: Win 9x/ME/2K/NT/XP/Vista

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